Military Veterans And TESI, Part 5 — Randy Hetrick

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“What Do Military Veterans & The Entrepreneur Success Institute Have In Common?” Part 5 – Randy Hetrick, Inventor, TRX Training

Welcome to our Special Veteran’s Day edition — Where veterans are celebrated everyday. 

As we continue highlighting some phenomenal Vet-Trepreneurs, (please be sure to read Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well) we advance on with Part 5, and our final Vet-Trepreneur for this year, Randy Hetrick.veterans-day

Our celebration of Vet-Trepreneurs on this Veteran’s Day, comes as we compare their mindset with the 11 traits of The New American Millionaires I have highlighted in my book after conducting hundreds of interviews, which are:  1. Astute 2. Fearless 3. Outsiders 4. Burning Desire for Success 5. Adventurous 6.  Resourceful 7. Innovative 8. Focused and Driven 9. Highly Competitive 10. Delegate 11. Never Stop Learning

Randy Hetrick Organizer and Inventor of TRX Training

randy-hetrick founder & CEO TRX –Outsider, Fearless

Having spent 14 years as a Navy Seal officer, and commanding their elite special missions unit (SMU), Randy Hetrick conceived of and is now known as the organizer and innovator of TRX Training.

–Fearless, Adventurous, Resourceful, Innovative, Never Stop Learning

The uncommon missions and circumstances that came along with being the commander of an SMU, roused him to explore different avenues, and those avenues lead him to developing TRX.

“A dirty little secret,” says Randy, “is that all SEALs learn to sew in order to maintain and repair gear.” (

Early in his SEAL vocation, Randy utilized his sewing aptitudes to tweak and adjust gear. During one deployment, Randy offered his sewing ability as a powerful influence for a pestering issue: How to stay mission fit while on the road.

Randy explored different avenues regarding an old jiu-jitsu sash and a few surplus parachute webbing. Hanging his high-quality contraption over an entryway, he had found the unending adaptability and versatility of the device he had just invented. All of a sudden he was doing “rows, pull-ups, presses, curls, shoulder raises, flys, pull-overs, triceps extensions” and a group of different other exercises. The universe of physical fitness opened up and a completely new modality—TRX Suspension Training® body weight exercise was conceived.TRX Training 2

–Never Stop Learning, Highly Competitive, Astute, Focused, and Driven

In 2001, Randy hung up his balances to go to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He acquired a pre-owned sewing machine, set up a manufacturing station in his garage, and committed his summer to prototyping, mapping his plan and shopping suppliers. With a secured funding commitment from long-time companion and angel investor Joe Dijulio, Randy propelled Travelfit, LLC, moved into a small office on Taraval St. in San Francisco’s foggy Sunset District and procured his first workers.

–Delegate, Never Stop Learning, Highly Competitive

From this small office, Randy was knowledgeable enough to know that in order for his invention to take flight, there must be education and dynamic content to support this highly flexible exercise contraption. Randy immediately set to work constructing an association of competent and smart, like-minded people that could indeed build on his invention and convey the information about how to utilize them.

As the company and his business developed and continued to grow, the organization moved to new workplaces in San Francisco’s Russian Hill territory and presented a public training facility on the first floor, transforming its working name from Fitness Anywhere to TRX. TRX moved again into its present HQ in San Francisco’s Financial District and continued to expand opening offices in Brazil and Japan.

In the meantime, TRX Suspension Training turned into a backbone in the preparation rooms of champion NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams, to include the Denver Nuggets, Pittsburgh Pirates and San Diego Chargers, and in addition to every one of the four extensions of the US Military.

–Highly Competitive, Focused and Driven

For a seven-year-old organization, the development has been fast and furious. TRX was as of late recognized by San Francisco Business Times as the Bay Area’s “fifth quickest developing privately owned business” and has made Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work three years running.

Whether you are a Vet-Trepreneur or not, we are looking forward to helping you achieve Ultra Success in your business at The Entrepreneur Success Institute.

Be sure to share this article on your social networks, and feel free to print a copy of our downloadble PDF file below, as a reminder of the dynamic veterans who continue to serve.

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