Welcome To 2015!

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Welcome To 2015! Make Your New Year’s Resolution Count! At TESI, Everyday Is An Opportunity For Growth 

– By Dr. Ken Odiwe’, Business Coach, Business Mentor, and Business Developer

New Year

Traditionally, millions of people follow the crowd with setting New Year’s Resolutions, and goals. But how many of them actually have the staying power or the tenacity to stick with it?

Resolutions can be very vital because they offer extraordinary chances to increase one’s determination and support self-assurance. They give us the confidence needed to feel like we are in control of our destiny; in control of our lives.

Remember, YOU ARE in control of your destiny. Not just on New Year’s, but every day! Make 2015 your year to control your life by building the Ultra Successful Business that you have always wanted. Here are a few steps that I offer from The Entrepreneur Success Institute that may help you accomplish your new goals of building a successful business in 2015.

1. Be practical and set particular objectives. In other words, be realistic, but think BIG!

Thinking big on a realistic budget is not difficult to sum up, and you can make awesome arrangements for the New Year. However, the inquiry is, would we be able to keep them? More often than not we just can’t. On the off chance that your determination is to have the capacity to build a 1 million dollar business in 6 months, alone, though it is a grand idea, it is highly unlikely, and highly unachievable. However, maybe something more diminutive, such as viewing less TV, spending less time on social media, and working on your game plan with a business mentor or business coach is much more achievable. These are more doable goals that may eventually lead you to that 1 million dollar business find.

2. Verify that it’s essential to you. In other words, are you passionate about your goals?

How many people make a New Year’s Resolution to “lose weight” or to “get in shape”? You can pass by any gym on January 2nd, through the following week, and you will find that the parking lot is packed! The gyms are full of people on ‘momentary fire’ to lose those 20 “holiday” pounds! I believe that is incredible that they want to achieve their fitness goals; that they have a heart for it. Many soon realize that they truly aren’t enthusiastic about it. So the thing to ask yourself is this: What is it that you REALLY need to work towards? If fitness is one, write down your fitness schedule; look at changing your diet, and the way you shop. Start at the core of fitness.

3. Remember your goals and resolutions by reminding yourself.

In the tech world of today, many individuals have cell phones, smart phones, or computers, laptops, and smart tablets, you name it!  Just in case you don’t have one of these, it would behoove you to get one or more of these high tech items expeditiously. You are already behind my friend if you don’t have tech gadgets. But for those of you that do, you already know that they are exceptionally handy as you can utilize calendars on them; they have current applications and programs to help you recall what your objectives are. For example, a great way to chart your goals is daily, weekly, monthly, and as you grow, this chart may expand to quarterly, semi-annually, annually, and so forth. Log specific goals to be completed in each time interval.  It is always good to chart and track your goals; to have a visual of your near future.

4. Don’t rationalize with excuses.

The entire world rationalizes everything, and it’s not difficult to fall into that trap. Don’t let that be you. We could take the road less traveled, and go the extra mile.  The harder the road traveled makes an enduring impact on the world. All that is required are little, sensible steps, one at a time. It’s not difficult to take a gander at extraordinary world pioneers in history like Gandhi, Rockefeller, or Donald Trump; or men like Einstein and Edison even, and feel like it is impossible to get there; yet what is unseen is the procedure, step by step tasks, it took for these pioneers to turn into the men they have become. Gandhi had numerous disappointments and the same for Einstein and Edison. Disappointment is the sign of achievement; the hallmark of success. Learn from failures and disappointments, and use them as stepping stones.

The New Year is an open door for change and brings about new opportunities. But it is also imperative to realize that you do not need any special event or occasion to bring about a movement in your life. In each and every second of each and every day, offers you the opportunity for positive growth and development. Every day is a holiday season at TESI: We give the gift that keeps on giving year after year — The gift of business growth.

Happy New Year and we look forward to having you here at TESI.

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Author: Dr. Ken Odiwé, Business Success Coach, Mentor and Developer

About the Author: Dr. Ken Odiwé is the Founder and CEO of Waterstone Management, a boutique consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and companies reach their peak performance. He is also the founder of The Entrepreneur Success Institute. Dr. Ken is on a mission to share the secrets of The New American Millionaires with as many people as possible, so that they can experience the transformation that comes with increased wealth.

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