The Courage of MLK and 4 Steps to Mastering Your Business Building Fears

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“Courage is Not the Absence of Fear. Courage is Standing Strong in the Face of Fear:

4 Steps to Mastering Your Business Building Fears”

MLKReflecting on this Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, and if we tried to find just one word to describe him, I would say that one word would be “Courageous”.  Dr. King took on the burdens of society, and ventured to make a change when fear was staring him in the eyes; yet he put himself aside for a bigger cause. That takes an act of insurmountable courage.  Let’s talk about courage as a business building tool that you can also use in your daily life.

I have found these four actions will get you the results you seek to overcome your fears, and increase the courage you need to build and grow your business to phenomenal heights.

1. Accept and dissect your apprehensions: This is exceptionally imperative, as we have a nature that tells us to “deny the fear” however, this only exacerbates the issue. Dissect the fear by analyzing it in your mind. It might be useful to get a pen and paper and record all the things that alarm you as you think about the circumstances, for instance, you may have an upcoming public speaking engagement that puts you on edge.  Remind yourself that it is alright to have this anxiety, or fear.  You are not alone; it is a common phobia and is well-known in today’s society.

As you dissect this fear, ask yourself this one question: Does this apprehension bring to mind a past experience? Is it stemming from something I experienced during childhood? Possibly a parent or an individual in power instigated this anxiety in the midst of your developmental years. Many fears are indeed learned – and it is highly possible that they can be unlearned.

Dissect the fear to get to the heart of what is actually causing the fear.

2. Face your fear “toe-to-toe”: Be prepared to take action. Making a move in the face of apprehension can be exciting, empowering, rejuvenating, and a ton of fun – regardless of the fact that you may be frightened at first. These are probably all the feelings you encountered as you set out on the road of entrepreneurship and building your successful business; afraid and excited at the same time. But when you are ready for it, when you have recognized the cause agents of your fear, the results will turn out differently.

When you know that you have a public speaking engagement, make sure you have done your research, take into consideration the audience and situational awareness, then customize your material likewise, and practice, practice, practice.  Access the soul, vitality, and enthusiasm of your mission or message: What is the purpose?  Ensuring you know what it is that you are bringing to others: What is your “Give”? And just as importantly, what is it that you want your audience to “takeaway”?

Approach your audience with respect, setting ego aside, and making sure that you are talking from the heart? Is the message you are sending permitting you to have fun with it? What do you cherish about your message? About this speaking engagement? About this crowd? Get ready by feeling great; how you feel inside is what trumps the apprehension, anxiety, and fears.

3. Bring forth from a place of love and affection:  Find a reason that is more prominent than your anxiety and fears. Love trumps fear. When filled with adoration and love, fear has no space. Enthusiasm and fun are infectious and will trigger the same emotions in your audience.

4. Be in the “Right now”: You are truly set free when you begin to be in the moment, and both feet are removed from the past, and you find yourself walking in the present. When you relinquish everything except for the present moment, your ability to create, to innovate, and pure happiness will take over, and you will have the innate power to conquer any task that you might be confronted with.

Understand you are the product of all your encounters to date, and make a conscience decision to love “the you” that you are today. With this mentality as your suit of armor, it’s energizing to oppose; to travel through anxiety and fear, making strides into the right now.

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