Develop the Best Traits of Today’s Most Successful New Millionaires so That You Can Achieve Business Success Much Faster & Much Easier!

Save Time & Money & Dramatically Shorten Your Learning Curve by Discovering the Success Secrets of Millionaire Entrepreneurs Who Started With Nothing But Went on to Achieve Incredible Success


While there are many paths to becoming a self-made millionaire – from real estate mogul to sales executive to tech whiz, just to name a few – the traits needed to achieve that success are much more consistent.

I learned this by speaking with numerous New American Millionaires – which is what I call the large group of men and women who have recently come to this country with nothing and went on to achieve incredible business success.

I was curious as to why so many immigrants are landing on the new millionaire list these days and wondered if their success could teach us – both those who were born in America and those who immigrated here – something about how to be successful entrepreneurs.

Well, as it turns out, they can teach us a lot!

So much in fact that I have created The New American Millionaire System to share all that I’ve learned from them.

What Millionaire Entrepreneurs Know
That You Do Not

Best of all, these traits can be learned by any of us – no matter what our education level or economic status.

In the New American Millionaire System, I have devoted a full module to developing each of these essential traits.

This is your chance to discover the universal success principles New American Millionaires have leveraged to become today’s biggest success stories.

Now, I want to be very clear about this. You won’t learn gimmicks, tricks or get-rich-quick schemes. They never work!

Instead, you’ll learn behavioral traits you can easily develop and put to work in your life right now with powerful affect!

You’ll also learn:

  • The hidden, life-changing success formula I discovered during my interviews with numerous New American Millionaires
  • An incredible set of simple but powerful guidelines you can use to inform your actions, inspire your passions and ignite your spirit
  • The 3-Ps of highly-effective money management
  • The BIG mistake many entrepreneurs make when beginning their financial empire
  • 5 keys to creating and maintaining an unstoppable, burning desire to achieve your goals
  • 4 dynamic steps to creating The Next Big Thing in your market niche
  • What exactly you need to eliminate from your life to create greater wealth and success
  • And much, much more!!

So Let Me Ask You:
What Are You Looking For?

If you are looking to gain the fundamentals that you can build a successful business career on …

If you are looking to learn how to be resourceful, how to be innovative, how to be focused when things get chaotic, how to recognize and seize opportunities that others miss and much more …

Then The New American Millionaire System is ideal for you.

You’ll learn how entrepreneurs like Sergey Brin, Vinod Khosla, Andrew Grove, Elon Musk came to the US with nothing and went on to cofound businesses like Google, Intel and Paypal.

You’ll find out what the millionaires I interviewed believe the real keys to success are, what helped them overcome the challenges they faced, how they managed to persevere when circumstances were bleak and much more.

The secrets contained in this course could change your life and allow you to realize even your most outlandish goals.

You know a recent study by Financial Advisor Magazine showed that “67% of high-net-worth Americans are self-made millionaires” and that “one-third of them were born outside the U.S. or were first-generation U.S. citizens.”

It’s time you learned how to develop the mindset and the attitude that will allow you to grow your own profitable business in today’s competitive marketplace and take your rightful place among the new millionaires.

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up for
The New American Millionaire System:

  • 12 modules, each containing an informative CD that delves deeply into the topic and helps you develop the understanding and expertise you need to achieve success
  • A 158-page ebook that is filled with tips, tricks and techniques that will put you on the fast track to success
  • A 107-page action guide that shows you how to put everything to work so that you start receiving maximum benefits as quickly as possible

PLUS, If You Order Now You Will Also Receive
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  • 3 Audio CDs featuring my greatest, most informative interviews with actual New American Millionaires. You get over three hours of audio that will further your drive to create wealth. You’ll want to listen to these audios for information and inspiration when you are in the car, before you go to sleep, while you work out and during any other “free time” you have!

To get started on your path to success, simply choose the option that is best for you:

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If you are not 100% completely satisfied with The New American Millionaire System, you can return it within 30 DAYS for a full refund — no questions asked!

So What’s It Going to Be?

Will you continue to struggle? Will you continue to fall short of your goals? Will you continue to make everything harder than it has to be?

Or will you get The New American Millionaire System and learn the real secrets that have allowed entrepreneurs with nothing to come to this country and build million-dollar producing businesses?

These secrets are like a key that unlocks the door to abundance. Right now, that door is locked tightly and you feel like no matter what you do you can’t break through.

But once you learn what is revealed in The New American Millionaire System everything will change.

The road to prosperity doesn’t have to be long and dangerous. Learn the success secrets of others who have made the journey before you and you can achieve success much faster.

Like a map directing your path when you drive somewhere, The New American Millionaire System is the road map that will put you squarely on the fast track to success.

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To your future success,

Dr. Ken

P.S. You will find The New American Millionaire System to be exciting, enthralling and packed with wisdom, skills and insights from some of this country’s most successful entrepreneurs. In other words, get this system today and you’ll be rewarded with all the motivation and knowledge you need to grow an ultra-successful business. Order now.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About
The New American Millionaires:

Jill Lublin1“The New American Millionaires sheds light on a verifiable model for what it means—and more importantly, what it takes—to find success in business. The immigrant spirit is what made this country great. Today, that immigrant spirit has returned again to dominate the entrepreneurial landscape. No one has done a better or more thorough job of explaining why. But Dr. Odiwe takes it one step further, as well: he provides the how.”— Jill Lublin, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist, three-time Best Selling Author of Guerilla Publicity, Networking Magic and Get Noticed Get Referrals.
Martin Wales“Why can’t YOU be rich? Others have come to America penniless, unable to speak English, and with no safety net, yet have become millionaires anyway! You’ll love what Dr. Ken has gleaned from some of today’s brightest minds who started with nothing on their way to success, but let nothing stop them either!”— Martin Wales
Amber Ludwig2“The New American Millionaires offers a fresh and positive perspective on today’s challenging business landscape. Dr. Ken has a real knack for getting into the entrepreneurial mindset and offering a simple strategy for financial success to any business owner looking to up their game. Not only has Ken brilliantly interviewed and challenged the brightest entrepreneurial minds of this time, but he is also living proof of the success one can achieve with his success formula. His recipe for growth is sure to spark change and leave a lasting impression on those who are most hungry to be the next New American Millionaires.” — Amber Ludwig, CEO and Founder of NGNG Enterprises (No Guts No Glory!)
Bernadette Boas“Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a struggling small business owner, or a business leader looking to improve your game, you will find valuable solutions in The New American Millionaires. Dr. Ken’s story is truly inspiring, and the insights he shares from some of the most successful entrepreneurs working today might just change your life.” — Bernadette Boas, Coach, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, and creator of the movement Shedding the Bitch®
Frank Garon“The New American Millionaires challenges those who dream of success to take their outlook to a new level. Those who follow Dr. Ken’s model will immediately gain the kind of resourcefulness and innovation it takes to become a true leader in business.” — Frank Garon, Internet Guru and Real Estate Mastermind