Happy Thanksgiving! Showing Gratitude Is Part Of Being A Successful Entrepreneur

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“Thanksgiving: Showing Gratitude Is Part Of Being A Successful Entrepreneur”     

“The single greatest thing you can do to change your life today is to start being grateful for what you have right now. No gesture is too small when done with gratitude.” –Oprah Winfrey

originalIf you have ever heard of The Law of Attraction, then you are well aware that being grateful opens doors for more awesomeness to enter into your life. By concentrating and focusing on what’s good, and putting all of your energy towards that, you then attract and allow more abundance to come into your life. This Thanksgiving Day, let The Entrepreneur Success Institute help you to gravitate towards living a life filled with gratitude so that you may attract all that you deserve in your life.

“Gratitude opens the door to abundance consciousness because it gets you to the source, which is the source of all things.” Deepak Chopra

Cultivating gratitude is a great way to start living a better life. People who live and exercise Gratitude in their lives get sick less often, they focus on their fitness more by exercising, and they even sleep better and have tons more energy.

TV mogul, talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, and guest Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned expert on the mind, body, and spiritual wellness, truly believe that Gratitude is one of the most life-shifting tools available to man.  Having spent years building my successful businesses, as well as having been a business coach, business mentor, and a wealth building expert, know without a doubt in my mind that the attitude of gratitude is a very important aspect of building an Ultra-Successful business. At The Entrepreneur Success Institute, we have a few steps that will help guide you towards the direction of leading a life of gratitude starting now, with this Thanksgiving:

1. Gratitude Journal. Take Notes. Write it down. Don’t hesitate to start a gratitude journal. It has proven to be a great reminder tool for giving thanks and recalling the wonderful things that you have to be grateful for. And the very best reason to write it down is because there is “POWER” in the words. From the small things (such as a stranger holding the door open) to the larger things, (cancer survivor)…writing the things that you are grateful for on paper allows you to focus on the good, versus focusing on the bad. Write It Down so many doors will open that will lead you to building the successful business that you desire.

2. Gratitude Walking. Make this a part of your exercise routine.  Take daily gratitude walks, ensuring that you pay attention to everything around you. Take the time to stop and smell the roses. Listen to the sounds of nature, the birds chirping, bees humming, an occasional duck quacking, crickets cricketing. Take the time to enjoy this good earth; it is good for the soul and improves your mood. These walks and taking in everything, every morsel of goodness, opens the abundance up around you.

3. Live with purpose and intent. Be intentional. “If you wake up in the morning and consciously look for things to be thankful for, you’re more alive and receptive to the goodness that comes in your life.” There is a spiritual awareness that awakens in you when you take these walks of gratitude. Having a spiritual awareness is essential to building a successful business. With my help, and the help of my TESI staff, you can do it. You can build the Ultra Successful business that you desire.

With the dawning of each new day, new opportunities loom on the horizon. Thanksgiving is the prime opportunity to begin your new daily observance of gratitude. Make this Thanksgiving truly a day to give thanks and a day to be grateful for all that you have and those that are around you.

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Author: Dr. Ken Odiwé, Business Success Coach, Mentor and Developer


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