What Do Today’s Most Successful ‘New Millionaires’ Know That You Don’t?

Discover Secrets You Can Use to Grow an Ultra-Successful Business in Today’s Global Marketplace With No Special Connections or Training!

Find Out How Entrepreneurs With Nothing Were Able to Build Million-Dollar Producing Businesses from Scratch

Have you ever heard the following: Business success is more a matter of who you know rather than what you know?

Many people haven’t just heard this saying, they believe it. But then how do these people explain success stories like Vinod Khosla, Ric Fulop, Henry Wong, Masoud Kermani, Gershon Mader, Saeed Amidi, Naren Gupta and many others?

In most cases, these men came to America with nothing – no connections, no bank accounts full of cash – yet they were able to launch mega-profitable businesses. For example:

  • Sergey Brin came from Russia to cofound Google
  • Vinod Khosla came from India to cofound Sun Microsystems
  • Andrew Grove came from Hungary to cofound Intel
  • Elon Musk came from South Africa by way of Canada to cofound Paypal

These entrepreneurs didn’t have a trust fund to fall back on or a rich friend to loan them money when circumstances got tough.

So how exactly were they able to build million-dollar producing businesses from nothing and how can you use the same secrets they used to grow your own start-up business?
That’s the subject of my new book, “The New American Millionaires.”

‘Started from the Bottom … Now We’re Here’


Hello, my name is Dr. Ken and I, myself, immigrated to America with nothing but now I’m the founder and CEO of Waterstone Management, a boutique consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and companies reach peak performance. I’m also the founder of The Entrepreneur Success Insitute.

I wrote “The New American Millionaires” book after interviewing today’s top entrepreneurs – people like Brin, Khosla, Fulop, Wong, Kermani, Mader, Amidi, Gupta and more.

Through in-depth interviews and critical analysis, I determined that these men shared 11 traits that allowed them to achieve the incredible success that they have. The good news is these traits can all be learned by any of us no matter what our education level or economic status.

In fact, the traits are so powerful that you don’t even have to develop them all to achieve success – learn just a few and you’ll be able to write your own ticket.

So Are You Ready to Dramatically Increase
Your Chances for Success?


Are you ready to learn how to overcome obstacles as you grow your business? Are you ready to develop the mindset and personal skills it takes to make real money in today’s competitive marketplace?

If so, “The New American Millionaires” is the guide for you!

This book will take you behind closed doors with many of today’s top success stories. You’ll learn how to be resourceful, how to be innovative, how to be focused when things get chaotic and much more.

This is Your Chance to Discover How to Recognize & Seize Opportunities Others Most Likely Would Miss!

You know that launching a successful business is difficult … but you have the dream burning inside you anyway. It’s a dream you can’t stop thinking about, a dream that just won’t die.

I wrote this book for you – to give you a leg up on the competition. I’ve spent hundreds of hours interviewing new millionaires, getting to the bottom of their stores, learning their real secrets of success.

Many of these New American Millionaires had very little formal education and some could barely speak English when they came to the US. But they were able to achieve success thanks to the traits I’ve identified.

Now think about what developing these traits could do for you – how they could be the springboard you need to leap ahead of “trust fund babies” and “spoiled rich know-nothings.”

You’ll learn:

  • The eight real keys to success and why they stand in direct contrast to what you may have heard in the past!
  • How to use the three P’s to accumulate needed wealth fast!
  • How to put fear into perspective and then use that fear to drive you toward success!
  • How to avoid complacency and other bad habits that can delay or even sidetrack your success!
  • How to become an “innovative entrepreneur” who is able to see opportunity where others see only competition!
  • The 4 steps to creating “the next big thing” in your market, niche or territory
  • 5 keys to creating and maintaining an unstoppable, burning desire to achieve your goals!

And much more!

Look at What Others Have to Say
About This Powerful Guide!

Yanik Silver“Damn! This is one of the books I wish I had put out there. As an immigrant myself, I’ve always been fascinated by the notion that there’s something ‘different’ about why immigrants seem to succeed more. Ken really opens up some good insight on this for others to follow their path.” — Yanik Silver, author Maverick Startup
Jill Lublin1“The New American Millionaires sheds light on a verifiable model for what it means—and more importantly, what it takes—to find success in business. The immigrant spirit is what made this country great. Today, that immigrant spirit has returned again to dominate the entrepreneurial landscape. No one has done a better or more thorough job of explaining why. But Dr. Odiwe takes it one step further, as well: he provides the how.” — Jill Lublin, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist, three-time Best Selling Author of Guerilla Publicity, Networking Magic and Get Noticed Get Referrals.
Alicia Lyttle“The mark of any great how-to author is simply this: authenticity. Given that Dr. Ken has lived the immigrant story he so compellingly shares, you will be hard pressed to find a more authentic source. Dr. Odiwe knows that his model for success works because he has lived it himself.” — Alicia Lyttle, CEO Monetized Marketing, LLC
Jason Oman“The time for this book is NOW! These are challenging economic times. Dr. Ken’s book will bring many entrepreneurs out of the pangs of economic woes and help them to build highly competitive businesses.” — Jason Oman TV Success Story #1 Best-Selling Author of ‘Conversations with Millionaires’, ‘Conversations with Female Millionaires, & ‘Millionaire Money Formula’
Martin Wales“Why can’t YOU be rich? Others have come to America penniless, unable to speak English, and with no safety net, yet have become millionaires anyway! You’ll love what Dr. Ken has gleaned from some of today’s brightest minds who started with nothing on their way to success, but let nothing stop them either! Read this book today.” — Martin Wales
Rick Frishman“The New American Millionaires has plenty of answers. It offers more than its share of insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in this country. But more than that, it boasts something you just don’t find in many books of the genre: inspiration. Upon reading Dr. Odiwe’s story and learning the New American Millionaire model, I find myself completely inspired. And you will, too.” — Rick Frishman, Founder Planned Television Arts, PR Maven, Publisher
Dr Joe Vitale“If you are adventurous and keen on climbing the rather treacherous ladder of business success, you must read every word of this book. It will give you the confidence of champions.” — Dr. Joe Vitale, author “Attract Money Now”

John Haricharan“Every once in a very, very long while, I come upon a book that makes me stop and take note…Imagine my pleasant surprise as I started reading The New American Millionaires, by Dr. Ken. I discovered that it does not matter whether one defines success in terms of money, peace, or just happiness; [Dr. Ken’s] secrets will help almost anyone to achieve success in life.

I could go on and on expounding on the wonders of this marvelous volume, but I do not want to deprive the reader of the thrill of discovery or the joy of remembering the simple secrets of success. Read this book and re-read it as often as possible. It will re-awaken in you the memory of the infinite possibilities that reside within your heart and soul. It will serve as a guide to that which you are seeking.” — John Harricharan, award-winning author of the bestseller, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat

JJ Childers“Millionaire-maker books are a dime a dozen, but every once in a while, a brilliant author will release a book that actually has the potential to change people’s lives. This is one of those books.” — J.J. Childers, Author, Real Wealth Without Risk and Asset Protection 101
“Very rarely does one encounter a book on entrepreneurship that offers this much real and useful information. With his New American Millionaire model, Dr. Ken provides an absolute game-changer for anyone who aspires to achieve greatness in a startup or existing business venture.” — John Paul Carinci, Author of An – All Consuming Desire To Succeed
Amber Ludwig“The New American Millionaires offers a fresh and positive perspective on today’s challenging business landscape. Dr. Ken has a real knack for getting into the entrepreneurial mindset and offering a simple strategy for financial success to any business owner looking to up their game. Not only has Ken brilliantly interviewed and challenged the brightest entrepreneurial minds of this time, but he is also living proof of the success one can achieve with his success formula. His recipe for growth is sure to spark change and leave a lasting impression on those who are most hungry to be the next New American Millionaires.” — Amber Ludwig, CEO and Founder of NGNG Enterprises (No Guts No Glory!)
Stefanie Hartman“This is a MUST READ if you want to really learn how people built mega-successful businesses with no advantages. Dr. Ken has managed to synthesize the mind of the business genius and has done so in a way that can be absorbed by any business leader—aspiring or otherwise—no matter their background. Dr. Odiwe interviews some of the most influential entrepreneurs of this millennium with incredible detail and reveals the secrets that launched each of them into the successful business stratosphere.” — Stefanie Hartman, Marketing & Entrepreneurial Expert
“The single greatest challenge for any entrepreneur is to take that first step—to overcome that fear of failure and begin making their dreams a reality. Finally, someone has stepped forward to provide solutions for conquering that common fear. For anyone who yearns to start or owns a mega-successful business, The New American Millionaires is a must-read.” — C. Nwachukwu Okeke, Ph.D. Author of Law Books and Acclaimed Professor of International and Comparative Law, Golden Gate University of School of Law, San Francisco California
Mike Litman“The face of the rich and powerful in America is changing. In this book, The New American Millionaires, Dr. Ken sheds light on not only why the United States is the greatest land of opportunity for those willing to work hard, but also on how a new breed of immigrants are becoming the business leaders and influence-makers of tomorrow. Supported by advice from some of today’s top immigrant wunderkinds and his own rags to riches story, he offers entrepreneurs a recipe to chart their own courses to prosperity. Read every word of this book. You’ll be glad you did.” — Mike Litman, #1 best-selling author Conversations with Millionaires
Bernadette Boas“Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a struggling small business owner, or a business leader looking to improve your game, you will find valuable solutions in this book. Dr. Ken’s story is truly inspiring, and the insights he shares from some of the most successful entrepreneurs working today might just change your life.” — Bernadette Boas, Coach, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, and creator of the movement Shedding the Bitch®
Frank Garon“The New American Millionaires challenges those who dream of success to take their outlook to a new level. Those who follow Dr. Ken’s model will immediately gain the kind of resourcefulness and innovation it takes to become a true leader in business.” — Frank Garon, Internet Guru and Real Estate Mastermind

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Discover the Real
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Now you don’t have to spend years learning through trial and error or thousands on a course or seminar that doesn’t reveal even half of what you really need to know.

On the pages of this ground-breaking book you will learn the real secrets self-made millionaires use to achieve massive levels of success … secrets that you can quickly begin to put to work in your own life.

You’ll be amazed at the obstacles you’ll suddenly be able to overcome and the rapid progress you’ll start to make toward accomplishing your goals.

Soon no dream, no matter how outlandish, we’ll seem out of reach to you.

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