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In recent years the American Dream has taken a considerable hit. You’re most likely feeling the effects yourself in your wallet, in your bank account, and in your job security.

Things are bad – real estate bubbles have popped; unemployment rates have skyrocketed; a volatile stock market threatens our investment and retirement savings and the list goes on. And the gap between rich and poor is getting wider by the minute.

You’d think that this would be a terrible time to talk about building a business, amassing wealth and building your fortune through entrepreneurship, with all the bad news and tough times going on right now.

And yet that’s exactly what many people have been doing. Not only are they building their businesses, but they are absolutely thriving in an economy that most people are suffering in.

Even during the most uncertain economic period since the Great Depression,
there is a group of people (I call them the New American Millionaires) who are creating a brand new model for success. A model the rest of us can follow.

People like Vinod Khosla, Ric Fulop, Henry Wong, Masoud Kermani, Gershon Mader, Saeed Amidi, Naren Gupta, and many others.

You know what makes these people so interesting? They were all born
outside of the United States of America… but each of them leads an extremely-profitable and successful American-based business.

You have a lot more in common with these New American Millionaires than you know.

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Yanik Silver
“Damn! This is one of the books I wish I had put out there. As an immigrant myself, I’ve always been fascinated by the notion that there’s something ‘different’ about why immigrants seem to succeed more. Ken really opens up some good insight on this for others to follow their path.”
— Yanik Silver, author Maverick Startup
Alicia Lyttle
“The mark of any great how-to author is simply this: authenticity. Given that Dr. Ken has lived the immigrant story he so compellingly shares, you will be hard pressed to find a more authentic source. Dr. Odiwe knows that his model for success works because he has lived it himself.”
— Alicia Lyttle, CEO Monetized Marketing, LLC
Dr Joe Vitale
“If you are adventurous and keen on climbing the rather treacherous ladder of business success, you must read every word of this book. It will give you the confidence of champions.”
— Dr. Joe Vitale, author “Attract Money Now”

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